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Why are we here again?

So the group, nicknamed the Millborne Marauders by the residents of Millborne who hail them as heroes, has started to fall foul of public opinion on their lack of progress on the original mission.

Not all of the group was present when the original mission was set out on.
Who remembers that mission? And for everyone, why are you out here risking life and limb?


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Prindle’s parent?

Reader Bill B. sent a link to a video about a blind raccoon (I’d call him “Milton”) who, mirabile dictu, has survived in the wild (albeit with human help) for five years. This is a Blind Raccoon. He is at least 5 years old and has been coming to our house for about 5 years. […]

via A blind raccoon (and his kitten bodyguards) — Why Evolution Is True

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The next in hard hitting journal-ist questions!

Hehe, I’m so punny I amaze myself!

What does your character want to do when they rescue everyone that was kidnapped?  Assuming they do?  What is their goal for life?

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