Hope Journal #6

As the battle continues in the darkness of the abandoned mine, a question must be occurring to our heroes….. All these kidnappings, who is behind them? And perhaps more disturbingly, why?
That is the next in the series of journal questions the party members are set to grapple with.

I think it’s the scary grumpy priests of the crazy Cyric God. Maybe if there were no Gods then the priests would all just be good peoples like me and my friends? At least, I think my friends are all good….
And I think they are doing bad things with the folks they stole away from their families and homes. Maybe they are using pieces of them to make new creatures? Maybe that’s what the zombies are…. Hmmm… If there are good Gods why aren’t they helping us? Maybe there are worst things than being hurt or dying? That is a scary thought – I wonder if any of them have thought this? I think I will tell them the next time they stop and see what they think of my ideas?


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