Hope Journal #4

During the little military action that ensued, one of the dwarves fell. He may or may not be dead. This seems like a good time to ask the characters, what they think of dying in service of finding these kidnappers ….

I don’t want to die but I wonder what it would be like? I am not sure that the others would care. They don’t seem to like me. The mage and loud priestess seem to be annoyed with me but I have no idea why. Maybe the mage because his cat likes me? I think that is just because I am nice and I talk to it and give it food and things. Ooo and I have helped heal it and help in battle when things were after it and the mage and us around the swamp and dragon. I miss the dragon, he was beautiful! And he had so much interesting things. The dwarves ruined it by trying to steal and be rude to him. Stupid brutes!
Oh but I’m supposed to be talking about death in the line of work and glory? I don’t worry about that if it happens I try to stay calm and just see things a different way. Maybe I can save them again and again and they will notice? Maybe I can disappear and they will miss me? I miss Freya. I wonder if the others do or remember her? I think Taca was making a song about her and some of us. It would be a pretty little song I am sure.
But I don’t want anyone to die. I want to keep my friends. We see some really neat things together and I like helping folks.


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