Hope Journal #3

For the journal question, a short word on the character’s feelings about the undead.

I think the undead zombies are spooky. They are curious things but they’re very strong and creepy too. I want to hit them with my sword but I keep missing. They smell really bad too! Like someone left the snake jerky in water for weeks and then tried to eat it. YUCK!
I hate snake jerky…. I don’t like the zombies either and no one seems to know why they keep coming for us. Or where they are coming from? I don’t want all these dead things around me anymore. I don’t like them. They are boring and yucky. They seem to keep distracting us and I want to be done and find the missing folks.
Don’t even get me started on the scary monsters. There’s a lot in here. Oh but the zombies, they are no fun and really stinky! Why would someone have dead things around?


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