Hope Journal #2

The party is now fairly deep under a mountain in an abandoned mine …. Chances are you will have to sleep there for more than one night ….. how does your character feel about this?

I didn’t mind sleeping under ground for a bit but now it’s starting to get to me. And I want a change back to normal and more comfortable.
It smells in here and I can’t relax and feel safe. Everyone keeps getting beaten up from strange traps and enemies. At least that’s what they tell me they are. No one asks them is they will be friendly. Maybe it is a misunderstanding? Maybe we interrupted their sleep clumping through the darkness looking for those poor missing folks? I’m hungry and don’t want more snake jerky. I want to get some pretties for my collections.
The dwarves won’t even let me play my bird caller. It sounds funny to me. It’s not really fair. I want to get out of here and play my bird caller. And see something interesting. This mine is boring, dark and scary. Taca got speared by this scary cone monster and she had a huge hole through her… It was awful. I helped get her free but it wasn’t looking good for a bit. Hope just lucky I guess *shrug*.


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