ITTD – International Table Top Day

So in 2 days (April 29th for those who don’t read my hot off the press announcements – you know who you are  😀 ) the International TableTop Day is happening.

Yes Yes, I know, this is little more than a gratuitous money grab for board game manufacturers and retailers…

But as someone who loves good board games, I’m ok with a little bit of that.  And what’s more, it’s an excuse to get together with like minded folks for a day of board games and fun.


So those of you who know where we are, come join us, we are starting at 2, and going till people have had enough, or we kick everyone out at 10ish (whichever comes first).

We have tables, chairs, coffee makers, kettle, bathrooms – you know, all the essentials.

And we plan on having a handful of boardgames of our own.  As well as some being brought by our co-sponsors, and any that folks want to bring to share playing.

Bring your humour, and sense of fun.  And we will enjoy a laugh and some friendly competition.


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