And again, we are starting up after a break ….

Seems all our groups seem to do or have to look forward to is another break.

Cest’la’vie.  Time to get things underway again.

Our intrepid dungeon bashers have got themselves caught in a classic magic enhanced ambush, and are truely reeling, their heavy hitters have been put down and there is a swarm of zombies at the command of at least 1 evil priest preparing to have its evil way with them ….

Sometimes I just LOVE being a GM!

As for our vampiric heroes, or anti-heroes ….  we have to decide what to do with their downtime and the Giovanni clan gunning for them in very real ways ….  our privateer is looking to go more legitimate ….  only all his ships are steadily becoming haunted, when they aren’t foundering or sinking …  The nurse is contending with a haunted hospital, and the retired knight …..  well we’ll have to find out what he is planning (and what is being planned for him).


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