Next Question.

I’m not shutting the door on anyone who was a bit slow to get started.  Just preparing for the next session (not this coming weekend, the weekend after ….).

The party is now fairly deep under a mountain in an abandoned mine ….  Chances are you will have to sleep there for more than one night …..  how does your character feel about this?


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One response to “Next Question.

  1. Michael Jordan

    Kaxannar #2

    Haela’s light guides my vision and senses, when I am shadowed by even the darkest blackness. The discomfort of a stomach that isn’t filled with food and brew, or a rocky bed to rest on, serves me as a reminder of why I am here, and why Haela has brought me to this fellowship. These aches help to keep our wits as sharp as our blades, and pain tempts me with lust to spill the blood of evil. We will pursue our campaign to rescue these brothers of faith, regardless of personal comfort, even in the face of adversity, unfair odds or glorifying death.


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