Kaxanar #1

Another pile of weak enemies left behind. But we were lucky this time, Haela is surely with me. How was I so stupid? A whole pack of intruders wander into a narrow passage – Perfect bottleneck ambush.We were ready for them, but I can’t let us get caught in that again. The enemy has this mine mapped out, and could have made plans for our raid. They don’t know that I have this place mapped out too. I need to prepare some tactics… But these comrades of mine lack discipline in war…I need to keep them on a leash, and stick to a plan. Never thought I’d say this about the arcane, but I have a feeling the Wiz will come in handy down here, if he doesn’t make himself a waste of cloth and get killed.
15 Killed by my hand.
Haela is with me, and I trust in her to see me through the fray.


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Filed under AD&D 2nd Ed, Character Journals, Dramatis Personii, Kaxanar

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