Experience Grab Oppopportunity.

Firstly, for the non-involved interlopers here, the non group readers.  I apologize.  This post will probably boring.  But hopefully it will lead to some more interesting posts in the future.

I recently came across this gaming idea, and wanted to offer/impliment it in our game.  So here goes…
Dear players of the AD&D campaign I am running.  Please find an idea for an ongoing source of experience here.

“Character Journals”

Now this doesn’t need to be written or presented as a journal per-see.  So here is the idea.

Every session we have to catch up with where we were, so rather than all scratch our collective heads, While we are going around the table and doing the customary experience update, you can give a player update about your character.  This should include things like your character’s changing attitudes toward other characters, their mission, current or recent events, their overall goals.  and I plan on putting a question or two for folks to answer.

As a reward, I offer a choice.  It amounts to the same mechanic, which is experience.  But you can use this experience in a couple of ways.

  • Experience – this is obvious, dump it into your experience bucket to gain levels.
  • Special items – Bank that experience to target and gain special items.  the more powerful the item the more experience that will be needed to get it. These items will turn up during the next few adventures.  (with a caveat, very powerful items that you earn early, may take longer to turn up.)
  • Item growth – by imbuing a chosen item with the experience you bank, it can slowly become more powerful and legendary, with it’s own story.
  • Heroic events – Bank your experience to be able to escape horrid situations or accomplish truly heroic events.

What am I going to do with this?  Well, I hope to have more group bonding and dynamics form.

I also may post  series of journals from each of the characters for the world to ohhh and ahhh at ….

So what is it worth?

  • Answering the session question – 100 xp
  • Giving character thoughts about the group and other characters – 200 xp
  • Putting something in writing (pen and paper or email or reply to the question post here) – 100 xp  (it saves me work, hehehe)
  • Permission to publish – 100xp  (let’s face it, this is your work as a player, I don’t want to just take advantage of that, anything you write that I publish here will be credited – I can and will link to any reference you wish.

So next session, I will be officially present this to the group.

The first question I will offer a bit more experience as a start up incentive. (200 xp)

What is your character’s thoughts on the goal of the party/mission?


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