Who are you and why do you look like our missing friend?!

So last night, our group headed for Millborne to take their hireling’s brother back to town for burial, and then to get some training.

En Route, they run into a strange pair traveling the other way …  Initially they just see a movement (as the others had sensed them and stopped, concealing their position.)

The group scout approached, getting the shock of their little halfling life, coming almost face to face to a humanoid dinosaur.

Shortly after that the ‘scout’ saw the other member of that dynamic duo …  and this shocked her even more.  It was the spitting image of their missing companion.

Rushing back to convince the group to put their weapons down, our peace brokering scout was able to bring together group with Alias and Dragonbait in peace.

There was little information to be had about their missing companion, but many questions raised.

After a short while, the groups parted ways and the party continued on, eager to train.


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