A new world setting warms up.

So I am working on a new world setting.  And I became pretty overwhelmed with all the details that begged to be filled, and stacked on top of each other to form houses of cards to reach for the next layer of details….


So i had this genius idea – well ok, that might be over-playing my hand a little.  I had an idea.  I figured that I could run a sandbox campaign in the setting on http://www.rpol.net and let players sample the world, fill in some details, contribute a wide variety of ideas and flavours too the whole thing!


Now, what I am calling “Foreworld” has just attracted a couple more players.


So what firm details do they know right now?  It’s post-apocalyptic, and that apocalypse was hundreds of years ago (so VERY post apocalyptic).

Some of them (and maybe at some point all of them) are learning that they are living in a form of almost tribal theocracy.  With use of technology or artifacts from the ruins of the once great cities forbidden, with punishments varying from lynching and crucifiction, to shunning or eviction from the community.

Towns are often ruled by, ironically enough, folks who gained power often through the use of a fore mentioned artifacts.


Some have heard of, and may even come across this mysterious and forboding cult.  The priests seem to be ‘others’ (that is to say not human).  No-one seems to know where they come from, or what their motivations are (or any that do are keeping very quiet about it.


In the meantime, our players have to contend with the worst that humany can bring to the surface as it tries to survive.


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