What Next?

Trying to work out what to run next for my monday group.  I have some thoughts

Earthshaker:- Nostalgic in the classic D&D system out of the ‘Cyclopedia, high level.  Fantasy setting, elements of comedy.

Probably not suitable for such a small group.

Dragons of Despair:- Not as nostalgic, 2nd edition of AD&D.  The beginning of the Chronicles of Dragonlance.  Dark, fantasy setting, mid level.

The group is only just large enough for this, it could be considered.

Star Wars:- the latest upgrade too the WEG D6 system looks awesome, I have just a bit of reading and updating myself to do.

the group is potentially large enough for some adventuring, certain timelines.

Dogs in the Vineyard:- Storytelling system, very collaberative, a little cumbersome.  The perfect sized group – ‘cept we may have a new import, which would make the number problematic.

Paranoia – I am reading the core book to this at the moment, the group size seems good, it could be fun, but I have yet to figure out it’s system.

Babylon Project – very lethal system for combat, but this group seems to be good with the investigation.

The challenge being, I don’t have much of a campaign prepared yet.

Or do I try to double down on the Vampire, try to get the next chronicle prepared in time ….



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