The Wheel Turns

“Th’ Wheel keeps on turnin’ Badger!”

“That only matters as for those on th’ rim Mal!”

And so, we come to the end of another holiday season.  Soon,we dig back into the games!  let’s see if we can remember where we all were at! Back too the dance.

On Toril, our group is in the basement of the abandoned keep, trying to track the evil priest of Cyric.  We will be returning to the battle, while they decide if they want to continue or regroup, running the risk of the enemy doing the same.


In the ‘World of Darkness’ our group of agents has followed their quarry to Basel, discovered a name, and now lost them again.  They will be offered an invitation by the masters of ‘the black monastry’ before leaving for London in pursuit of the stolen manuscripts and the thief who carries them ….


I am sure we all look forward to rejoining the game, only I will have to prepare something for the group running through the Vampire chronicle ….  Not sure what to try, i am thinking maybe one of the games I had pre-generated for the convention that I couldn’t make it to.  I hope to run them at another Phantasm, so some practice may be good.


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