Continuing and Expansion

First things first, the adventurers progress.  attempt to clear some wild hounds from a fruit forest that a local community harvests from.

They uncover a pack ….  something is wrong, the animals look …  well sick, they are acting very un-hound/dog like ….  and their savagery is something to be seen.  They fight without fear, without pain, and without willingness to share as a pack.  they will stand off and even fight over prey, instead of joining to take it down…

Their fur is slick and matted, their eyes …  well yellowed and wrong looking.

Something or someone is causing evil here ….


On a separate note, a new game looks to be born.  waiting to hear back from potential players, with days/times and game perferences ….  lots of noobs on this one …  More too come I am sure!


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