Back to it. Another window

After returning to town to recoup and heal, some training done, The local lord has some jobs.

clear wild dogs out of a local forrest so the farmers can harvest the berries….  that was what they chose …..

off too the forest …  then split up

The bard gets run into by a child runing from a dog attack, bitten to the point of death and bleeding, bolting in terror.  Trips and knocks herself unconcious on a tree.  The bard takes the child back to camp …  when the girl awakes screaming for her brother, the bard heads out again, alone….

Finding the few remains the bard is easily surrounded by a small pack of maddened hounds.  things are not going well.

Minutes later, the party arrives just in time to see the elf go down amidst a knot of maddened hounds.  Saved only by the maddened dogs fighting each other to get too their target.

The dwarven warriors are approaching, some of the hounds peel off, seeking new prey.

The dogs don’t seem right ….


Will the group manage to keep the bard from being torn to pieces?  Will they work out why there are packs of maddened dogs roaming the forest, and who or what is responsible?




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