Into the Unknown.

Running into the cockpit, Captain Garreth Noir starts turning off frantically and sending off transponder response codes to be accepted before the point of no return ….

With a flash, and an electronic thundering feedback, the Jumpgate activates.

With a flash, and an electronic thundering feedback, the Jumpgate activates.

It is just moments before the gate opens, revealing the spinning swirling hole out of this universe ….

The swirling vortex leading out of our universe

The swirling vortex leading out of our universe

The ship, responding to Noir’s prodding, and caught in the vortex, leaps forward, plunging headlong out of our universe and into the creepy swirling sameness of hyperspace.

The swirling haunting shapes of hyperspace

The swirling haunting shapes of hyperspace

Garreth ensures the programming of the journey is secure and accurate in the autopilot, each nav-beacon carefully vetted and most backed up with a second for safety.  He sets an alarm to alert him should one of the beacons contact be lost, and another to warn of arrival at the destination jump-gate.  Then he locks down the autopilot, and moves to get some rest, to recover from the recent excitement ….  He has some concerns as to what might happen if the shipment that has been opened is not what it’s meant to be ….

At that moment the Earth Forces passenger, damn his stubborn hide too the …  ahem ….  he intrudes rudely and insists on checking the other cargo.

No, I won’t have it disturbed.  Now leave me and this horrible headache alone!

The lieutenant is not going to give up.  Damn military types …

Fine!  Just leave me be!!  I want it all returned to exactly as it was.

He finds his bunk, locking his cabin door and turning out the lights.  If they would just leave me in peace!!!  2 more days of this all the way through hyperspace!

Back in the cargo hold the passengers start to work on the cargo, spending hours emptying the crate that their stowaway was on board, only to find it is full of hundreds, maybe thousands of Narn Military Uniforms, all used.

They set to work on the crate that is listed as food supplies.  A good day later they are satisfied that it does indeed contain food stuffs and supplies.  On to the crate of construction tools.

Ohhh oh …..  the best part of a day later they have established that the whole crate contains professional grade explosives.  No detonation equipment, but still ….

Repacking quickly, they head up forward, meeting Garreth answering the alarm of arrival.

“we need to turn around!”

Garreth groans – “No, I have deliveries to make, and you are one of those deliveries.  besides the gate is activating.”

The “No Strings Attached” rides the pressurewave through the opening gate into realspace.

Immediately the comms console bursts to life, instructing ship into a holding pattern and advising of a delay.  Garreth  negotiates to get his cargo marked received after command and control advises him this is a safety precaution as the station is about to be set spinning ….  at that moment, the enormous space station under construction starts to move, almost immediately followed by the skeletal structure collapsing on it’s self ….

C&C scrambles to take control of the situation.  The gate being locked down, communications channels being locked, all ships ordered to dock and take boarding investigators.


So we leave our intrepid investigators, sitting in a tin can, with suspicious mis-labled cargo and an unwilling alien stowaway, waiting for the authorities to see to them …..



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