Team Member Dossier:- Landow

Species:- Human
Birthplace:- Floyd base, Moon colony
Profession:- Businessman – Black-marketeer.

A Human, from the Moon colonies, the son of wealthy shipping magnates. Landow lived a spoiled and blessed childhood. Becoming a bully @ school, learned that money could buy anything.

Landow became entrepreneurial young, happily sourcing anything that would bring him profit. Teachers and authorities attempted to thwart his subversion of rules, always to be stumped by Landow’s use of his parent’s status.

Until his parents’ death in a tragic shuttle accident. Named as the sole heir of his parents’ business, and nominally under the care of an employee. Landow eventually got into the business world, entering into the most profitable sectors. Weapons trade, both legal and illicit, spy and assassin brokerage, underground people trafficking. Smuggling. Even some brokering in the drug trade.

Having shown promise in business diplomacy and negotiation, he was offered an Earth Alliance contract. He accepted out of curiosity as to what Earth Alliance was up to.


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