Up and at ’em!!

Waking for departure, our newly minted team heads to the shuttle dock berth assigned to “No Strings Attached” to find the ship there, but it’s captain, a man named Gareth Noir.  Waiting for his arrival, the party is disturbed when their pilot/captain does not show up, the freight sits by the pad waiting to be loading.

They set off to locate Gareth, assuming that they should start at the only hotel in the settlement right now.

Attempting to convince the desk manager to give out information on other guests proves to be challenging.  Landow manages to secure the Penthouse suite instead of bribing the manager.  Mistakenly thinking that the suite he had been given was where Gareth was, the group went too the room, finding it empty.

The group harasses Landow about the mistake, and sends him down to find the information needed.  Kelly goes with him to ensure that there are no more mistakes.  The EMT and William remain in the room, utilising the minibar.  At the front desk, Landow closes out the room booking, discovering the minibar usage and being unhappy.  Then asks again about Gareth, giving Kelly a chance to gather the information – Directly from the manager’s MIND!!

Third floor ….  They head up, the other team, being locked out of the minibar by the close of account, they head downstairs.

Arriving at the room, the door is locked.  Trying to work out how to see if Gareth is in the room, he does not appear to be answering his door.  GoodKnight looses his patience and kicks the door in, panicking the sleeping occupant.  A tense beginning settles to grumpy passengers and a put out pilot.  Gareth appears hungover, and makes his way toward the shuttle-port, Gareth starts working on loading his cargo.  Painfully slow for the investigators, and stopping for breakfast, much to the annoyance of our group.  It is 0900 by the time loading and pre-flight is done and liftoff.

As the group settles into their cabins, Gareth sets the autopilot for the jumpgate, and heads back to check the cargo.

A little while later, the Lieutenant hears a strange sound from the cargo section aft of the passenger compartment.  Heading back to check, William checks each hold, until poking his head into a darkend hold.  Phased Plasma splashes off the bulkhead by his head, causing him to dive back into the hallway.

Summoning help from the team, they split into 2 groups, entering the hold from both doors, and after a tense standoff, Kelly manages to end the situation without a shot fired.  It turns out the trouble was a stowaway.  To be more specific, a narn who does not know why he is there or how he got there.  She is able to stun him with a well placed use of an electro-stunner from behind.

The captain is re-awakened just in time for the alarm from the cockpit indicating their arrival at the jumpgate and requiring the pilot’s input.  Gareth goes to work in the cockpit while the group checks the cargo.


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