Touchdown and Takeoff March 10, 2250.

We meet our group of intrepid investigators as they travel to what was planned to be, by their employer, their home base of operations.  The new frontier colony of Tau Ceti IV.

The settlement is a battered enviro-dome made with salvaged and second hand parts.  The harsh and deadly weather of the planet is never forgotten as the storms whip at the dome, causing it to creak and move alarmingly.

The appearance of the ‘city’ is dusty and destitute.  Almost akin to the basic ‘Wild West’ frontier towns of the late 19th and early 20th century.

After arriving a little early, each of our adventurers explores what little amenities Tau Ceti IV settlement has to offer, these are sparse and poor, having yet to be established, and industry of some kind yet to be settled on for the planet.

Our characters first meet each other at their appointment with their employer.  A bare office.  They are alone.

The well dressed man who obviously does not look to belong in such a tedious and under-developed place is Landow, a businessman from one of Earth’s moon colonies.  He is statuesque, hansome, and looks for all the world like a modern interpretation of a 1940’s mobster.

Kelly, an earth born woman, dressed in casual attire, and most recently hailing from Armstrong settlement on earth’s moon, presents a strange anomaly in the group.  While appearing to be little more than a low budget tourist, Kelly sells herself as a private investigator.

Second Lieutenant William GoodKnight. A battle scarred, heavily muscled man.  He wears the uniform of Earth Alliance military ground forces.  He moves with the casual attitude and calculated carelessness of a killer. He is by far the most well travelled of the group.

……..   A rugged and fit man, with a sure step.  He wears the uniform jumpsuit of an Earth EMT/Paramedic organisation, and has a pack shouldered which he sits close by his feet.

Our unlikely group meets each other, squaring off and making initial judgements.

There is a racket in the hallway, running feet, the unmistakable sounds of commanders managing an emergency.  The EMT is on his feet looking out the door, and without a word grabs his pack and heads down the corridor.

the others look out the door and see Earth Alliance personnel rushing about, many carrying stretchers.  On those stretcher are bodies of injured and dead, these bodies are not human.  While humanoid, they are distinctly reptilian.  Although Lieutenant GoodKnight is the only member of the group that has even acknowledged to having seen any aliens in person.  All recognise the features of the Narn species from ISN broadcasts.  The Lieutenant sneers.  Kelly seems surprisingly non-plussed, and Landow watches with interest.  An Earth alliance captain stops at the door, insisting that everyone pitch in and help.  He explains that a Narn transport was attacked by bandits, there were many dead and wounded, and every hand would be needed in cleaning up the debris from the ship and helping triage the wounded.  GoodKnight immediately leaps at the chance to work on the ship.  The others happily volunteer to help with Triage and first aid.  It is clear that this is what the EMT has done as they see him after arriving at the Triage staging area.

With over 30 wounded, and many more dead, there is a lot of work to do.  And it is late in the day when the group gets back to the meeting room.  They are called by Viddy from their contact.  Or rather, Lt GoodKnight is.  Commander Samuel Masters instructs GoodKnight to take command of the group of contracted help and travel to Epsilon Erdani III where they will receive further orders.

An 0500 flight has been booked with an independent transport pilot, on the ship “No Strings Attached”

The group returns to the local motel to sleep.



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