And so it begins…

The Babylon Station is a place to work out our problems peacefully. It is, we believe our last best hope for peace.

EA President Elizabeth Levy, 2248

Babylon logoThose of you already familiar with the Babylon 5 TV series will probably be better versed in the history than this will make you, this is for those who are not that familiar.

The year is 2250.  The place is a piece of space that borders 3 (or 4 if you hold with the Narn Regime’s view of territories) territories.

In 2026, Humanity abandons it’s first attempt at an offworld colony, the Freedom space station.

Years later, 2047, Station Prime was established as a transit hub in orbit of earth.

The Earth Alliance was formed just a few short years after a permanent colony was established on the moon.  The goal was to place a colony on Mars.  Before this was accomplished, Psi-ability – Telepathy, surfaced in humans.

A colony is established on Mars, destroyed 9 years later.

A permanent mars colony is founded about 10 years later.

United nations is dissolved and replaced by Earth Alliance.

Earth Alliance forms a governmental branch, that became known as Earthgov in 2122.

The EarthGov department investigating Psi phenomina forms a separate organisation that becomes known as Psi-Corps in 2152.

2153 ‘Sleeper’ ships are launched to explore other stars.

2155 The Centauri species detects and makes contact with humans.  Humans’ first alien Contact.  Jumpgate an jump-capable ships technology shared with humans.  Over the next few years Earth Alliance established a number of extra-solar system colonies.

Mars Colony demands independence from Earthgov.

The Earth Alliance meets several new species, and goes to war with one of them, the Dilgar, Earth Alliance wins this war in 2234.

2245 is a turning point year for Earth Alliance an humankind.  First contact with the Minbari.  This first contact does not go well.  Earth accidentally starts a war with the Minbari, a species far older and more advanced than humans.  3 years later, Earth Alliance attempted a last line of defense within Earth Solar System (Sol).  This was seen as a pointless act, with Earth Alliance easily outnumbered, outgunned, outclassed and outmatched.  This is known as The Battle of the Line.

2248, At the Battle of the Line, the Minbari Stopped their advance and went home for reasons unknown and unexplained.

2249 – the Babylon Project was undertaken, with the goal of forming a diplomatic station for all species in neutral territory.

2250 – And our story begins …..


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