About Kawartha Krew Stories

Hi and Welcome to the stories and tales of the adventures of the Kawartha Gaming Krew!

The Krew is a group of RPG gamers that meet weekly, and this is an attempt to chronicle the tales and stories of things they get up to.

The adventures are from all sorts of worlds, fantasy creations.  The future, the past, horror, science fiction, fantasy.

I will also be including posts about the characters, as well as any profiles of the players that they want to share.

I will be giving a review and some handy tips and descriptions about the game systems we use.


Spam will not be posted, but comments and questions are welcome, I will attempt to answer all I can.  That said, I won’t be posting spoilers to upcoming adventures.  My players are likely to read this, so I won’t be posting spoilers for upcoming adventures, this will be better for them and this blog.


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